Kimberlee is an author, speaker and advocate for women who want to make a difference in the world, achieve their dreams and accomplish their goals.  She knows personally what it feels like to try to please everyone but herself.
"That’s when I reached a place where I was at my bottom. I was at the end of my rope and I just felt like I couldn’t keep going. One day I thought – what happens if I am SMART for a day, not perfect? Just for one day I can do SMART."
 Through her experiences she has learned what does and does not work.  She offers a program that empowers, enables and inspires a community of women, breaking barriers and living the SMART way.  Her programs, products and speeches include Smart is the New Perfect, Smart Social Strategies and Smart Lifestyle Formula.  She will share with you her successes and struggles so that together you can get what you want, make a difference and be the best you can be.   

Kimberlee is looking for women who want to join this community and provide support for one another as we move forward the SMART way!

Giving Back

Kimberlee Jo is a Pledge 1% member, donating 1% of her equity, her time, and her products. 
Smart is the new perfect book
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