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SMART is the New Perfect

So to satisfy that little spinning spirit racing away on the hamster wheel inside my chest, I am writing a book, well more of a workbook to share with you how I decided to live SMART and I hope you will find serenity and happiness as you join me on the adventure to a SMART life.

This is your manual for a sensational life.

• Doing Life and Living Now
• Read Advice for Real Women
• Honest Feedback to be Happy Now

A program for experiencing and loving your life

• Acceptance
• Professional Success
• Health and Wellness

Conversations to Live a Smart life

• How Frustrating to be Perfect
• Easy Ways to be Smart
• Let’s Live in Peace with Self and Others

This will be a fun experience applying a methodology to follow to stay authentic while living your life’s purpose, passions, love, career, health and wellness.
We will share 12 lessons learned and share stories of real women who are realizing their SMART lessons to live a very fulfilling life.
These stories will make you laugh, cry, moan, roll your eyes and say, “girlfriend, I have been there.”
Join us on the incredible path as we all become Smart! Happy! Fulfilled! Worthwhile! Healthy!
P.S. Feel free to skip around. We know you won’t be able to stand it. You will read every last word!
Share “Smart is the New Perfect” with your sisters, your friends, your Mom and any woman who needs to hear how to be of their highest and best use while being totally true to herself.

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